A Horror of a Wedding!

Lesley Forest - Wednesday, July 30, 2014

One of my more unusual weddings was a surprise wedding at the bride’s Rocky Horror-themed 40th birthday party at Boggo Road Gaol (before the redevelopment); and I was dressed as Frankenfurter. I had to borrow some plain flour from my mother to complete the makeup and, although I wore the fishnet stockings and suspenders I covered my thighs with a skimpy seventies cocktail dress to remain respectable as the Celebrant.

The Bride and Groom paid a lot of attention to detail with the props – it was perfect. When I arrived at the big gates it was actually raining like in the movie and I heard the first riffs of ‘Timewarp’. After the announcement, the guest’s were just getting over the their astonishment when Brad and Janet stepped up as bridesmaid and best man. During the reception, The Rocky Horror Show was projected onto the gaol wall and we ate in the mess tent, followed by dancing to a band playing in cell block B – it was fabulous!

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