The Importance of Wedding Risk Management (and Improvisation)

Lesley Forest - Monday, August 25, 2014

Wayne and Christine’s wedding at the Farm Animal Rescue property at Dayboro was such a lovely experience. At the rehearsal there were animals everywhere. A herd of goats ran headlong towards my car. I stopped the car and watched in awe, wondering what was going to happen. They slowed and parted expertly when they got near thank goodness. Dear old Mary the cow curled up in the sun near the wedding site during both the rehearsal and the wedding.

When I asked about seating and whether she needed to use my signing table, Christine, the Bride said that they were going to use hay bales. Being a big believer in risk management, I suggested that someone be put in charge of the ‘furniture’ on the wedding day.

On the big day, with wedding register, wedding papers and pen in hand, I asked where the signing table was. The bride said “Oops! the animals must have eaten it”. Luckily Christine is not only a calm, no-fuss bride, but also fantastic at improvising. She asked someone to grab a couple of guests ‘chairs’ and put one hay bale on top of the other and the signing table was reconstructed. It pays to be prepared for anything in this role.

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