Meet Lesley Forest, Brisbane Celebrant

Offering a wide range of ceremonies including Weddings, Funerals, Namings, Commitment & Vow Renewals.

My name is Lesley Forest and I am a professionally trained Authorised Marriage Celebrant.

In my career I have had a diverse range of roles which have given me insights into people and helped me to understand the universal things that people ascribe to − how love is an important aspect in their lives, how people long for that deep and meaningful connection.

I enjoy giving people a unique ceremony to represent this connection - a ceremony that everyone, including family and friends, enjoy in a special way. I love the work and the joy it brings me. The sheer delight of making people happy keeps me intrinsically motivated.

My Business Philosophy? Making memories for people by maximising the joy of the day. I want to create special moments in peoples lives, to raise the ceremony above the mundane.