Lesley Forest Ceremonies: Namings

I can create a Naming Ceremony which is personalised to your needs.

Child Naming Ceremonies

Lesley Forest Child Naming Ceremony

"...letting you know from the very bottom of our hearts that the ceremony you performed for Shae's Naming was just beautiful and perfect in every way..."

Joanne Goodman

Formally welcome a child or children of any age into your family and circle of friends in a public declaration of parental love and devotion for your child with a personalised Naming Ceremony, conducted with care and warmth.

You will find the samples of poems, readings and rituals that I provide invaluable. Create a theme, plant a wish tree or enjoy a candle ceremony for this special celebration.

During the ceremony, you and the Godparents will be presented with a presentation Naming Certificate and Thank You to the Godparents Certificates inscribed by a professional Calligrapher as a memento.

I will create a Naming Day Ceremony that will reflect your own needs, beliefs and wishes, one that you and your family and friends will enjoy and remember fondly with delight.

Boat Namings

Lesley Forest Boat Naming Ceremony

The naming of your boat, whatever the size or type is a big decision and an important occasion. Most boat owners treat their boats with the same respect that they would a person and many have found it more difficult naming their boat than naming their baby.

Whether you have built your own boat and naming it for the first time or would like to change the name of your boat to a name that is more significant to you, a boat naming or boat blessing ceremony or de-naming and re-naming ceremony will both appease the gods (should you be even slightly superstitious), as well as provide a merry party to entertain your friends.

I will conduct the ceremony with solemnity in true boating style.

It's Your Choice:

  • Traditional (I come as myself)
  • Dramatic (Helen of Troy or Aphrodite – whose face was it that launched a thousand ships anyway?)
  • Religious (your own beliefs)
  • Other – 'As You Wish'.

Ask me to create something exclusive that you and your friends will enjoy and that Poseidon will accept with approval.